"It is my imagination that compels me to see and create nature-scapes. Through my eyes, one enters a visual journey of nature’s intricate patterns, inter-related shapes and brilliant colors".

Education: Fordham University NYC,  Art Student’s League NYC,  Sculpture Center NYC, Columbia University NYC: Studio of Minuro Nizuma NYC, Rino Gianni Studio Carrara, Italy.

Louise's paintings reflect the union of lines, patterns, vibrant color and the emotional feeling of nature. 

The circle of her passion and understanding of the subject started early while studying Chinese brush paintings. She moved to flowers, then abstract landscapes. Wishing to explore the third dimension of her forms, Louise trained in the sculpture medium at the Sculpture Center, New York. Later, she attended Columbia University's sculpture studios, where she learned to carve marble abstract forms with pneumatic equipment. Louise also participated in stone carving workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy. 

Her work is widely held by private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Canada. Louise's circle is now complete by returning to nature's forms as seen in her eyes.